R Diner Sounds

R diner sound is a brand with unique ideas from Nagoya, located in central Japan. All pedals are designed to connect “sound” and “food”, and to convert and construct sounds inspired by the taste, appearance, and scent of various “foods” so that they can resonate directly in the brain. 

「R Diner Sounds(アール・ダイナー・サウンズ)」は”音”と”食”を結びつけ、様々な”食”の味や見た目、香りなどからインスピレーションを得たものを音に変換、構築し、脳内に直接響かせるプロジェクト。

Exhibit Pedals




R Diner Sounds “SPICE CURRY” is based on a typical transparent circuit, and explores each part and specification totally. This is a masterpiece of overdrive with roughness but sensitive tone.

Furthermore, 9V and 18V and a clipping switching circuit is equippped. You can Choose a colors of distortion and create the sound you like by this switch.

R Diner Sounds「SPICE CURRY」は定番のトランスペアレント系と呼ばれる回路を基に、各パーツや仕様を徹底的に探究。粗さの中にも繊細さを秘めた音色を放つオーバードライブの逸品です!




“Miso-Katsu”, Pork cutlet with ritch red miso paste is a Nagoya’s super soul food. “R dinner sound” come from Nagoya, where the miso taste culture remains deeply rooted is loving this soul food.

They tried to express a miso cutlet that has a delicate and rich taste on their product. We insist you can feel it. Please give it a try.

Based on an amplifier-like distortion circuit, we choose a selacted parts and constant, aiming for an “easy-to-use” distortion. Sound like a rich but delicate, you can feel “Delicious tone” from your guitar and amp.





”Eating raw eggs” is seem strange to Westerners. However, Japanese people loves eating eggs raw, that is long tradition.

Japanese eggs are high quality with few germs , but Japamese people loves most importantly because it has a rich flavor.

If you have ever been to Japan, you may have experienced that Japanese people use raw eggs as a dipping sauce for sukiyaki, or mix them with soy sauce and steamed rice.

And these are also the most common eating habits of Japanese people.

The R dinner sound, WTKG, is a pedal inspired by rice mixed with raw eggs and soy sauce.

The sound reproduces that flavor that everyone in Japan can understand. As it is, it is the sound of “unknown territory” for people outside Japan.

Please try TKG pedal.

※TKG…Tamago Kake Gohan,means….


kake=Put a sauce on.

Gohan=Steamed rice.