If you looking for “More powerful” and “Edgy treble sound” on your guitar or bass and your pedal board,Your choice is just only one. Our VALKYRIE SPEAR pedals from Osaka, Japan, is the BEST choice. Our final goal is “Bring you the best tone ever”. VALKYRIE SPEAR pedals are made by based on these idea.

1.Discrete circuit design…Builder, Kenzo is an excellent electronic engineer and has extensive experience. he generously use his knowledge nd experience into his pedal building.

2.Using high-quality parts…There is nothing to say.This is a basic idea for making anything.

3.Discerning and careful vintage parts selection…We are always looking for the best tone, but if its leave from conventional tone, that is not good for your sound making. That is why, we are always looking for suitable vintage parts which can make the best tone.

4.Highest performance circuit inside…Experience,Knowledge and selected parts provides the Highest performance circuit. It means you can get best performance pedals.

VALKYRIE SPEAR promise your high-quality sound experience.

Valkyrie Spear(ヴァルキリースピアー)は独自の回路設計と、厳選されたハイエンド&ビンテージパーツを含む部品選定によって唯一無二の音を奏でるエフェクターをデザイン・製作する大阪の個人工房。楽器本来の原音を活かした太く音抜けの良いサウンドをコンセプトとして、ハンドメイドを活かした付加価値を提供している。

Exhibit Pedals


Violence Booster MK II

If you are looking for “More powerful” and “More shiny tone” on your guitar or bass and your pedal board,This is it, VALKYRIE SPEAR pedals from Osaka, Japan, is the BEST choice. Discrete circuit design and parts selection, Using high-quality vintage parts and highest performance circuit inside

Valkyrie Spear「Violence Booster」は独自のブースター回路に、選び抜かれたハイエンド&ビンテージパーツを贅沢に使用。原音を活かしながらも、太く艶やかで芯のあるサウンドを作り出すことのできるクリーンブースターです。

Violence Buffer

Violence Buffer

“Violence Buffer” is unity gain simple buffer pedal and introduces harmonically-rich mids and treble tone when passing through Violence Buffer.

Violence Buffer’s sound is based on “Violence Booster MK II” that representing Valkyrie Spear.

These sound feature is based on tuned circuit design and high-quality parts and vintage parts selection.

The internal DIP switches let you choose the unity gain(0dB) or boost(+3dB).

All units will be completed with the highest performance by circuit and sound tuning each units carefully.

I am sure that you can high-quality sound experience.

Violence Bufferは当ブランド代表ペダルとなるクリーンブースター”Violence Booster”の血を引き継ぎ、機能面のシンプル性を極限まで追求したギター&ベース向けハンドメイド・バッファーです。

回路はViolence Booster MK IIのサウンドをベースとしたJFETとトランジスタを使用したディスクリート回路の構成となっています。